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There's always hope.

Being the pastor of a church in Colombia I fell into temptation and committed adultery. I fell very low, going so far as to abandon my wife and two daughters, due to a sexual addiction. This happened because, although I was a pastor, I made decisions based on what I felt and not on what God said. After a series of very serious mistakes, I destroyed my family. The feelings of rejection, guilt and low self-esteem tormented me day and night.

But I thank the Lord for my precious and faithful wife Liliana, who despite my actions, decided to believe the Lord and prayed, together with an army of prayer warriors, for my freedom.

God heard your prayers! He opened my eyes and allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel of darkness in which I was trapped. I understood that the only option I had was to turn my eyes to Jesus; It was precisely at that moment that I repented and confessed my sin.

As a result of this decision, God gave me back my wife and daughters. This happened four years ago, when I had the privilege of starting, together with my family, a beautiful restoration process in a place called Dunklin Memorial Camp, in the swamps of Okeechobee, Florida. In this place, the Lord restored my relationship with Him, with my wife and with my daughters, and also placed my self-esteem in the right place. He freed me from guilt, shame and condemnation. With his guidance, I learned to be a better husband and father and he gave my wife and I a ministry in which we helped men and women with addiction problems who, like me, decided to turn their face to the Lord and find the beautiful light that takes away the guilt and brings the peace and joy so desired and that only He can give us.

We want to welcome you! THERE IS HOPE! This is a process that lasts approximately one year, so we invite you to make a real commitment by following the process described below, and we are sure that at the end, you will not be the same person.

If There’s Hope!

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We are a church of Restoration a refuge where those who suffer find comfort and hope

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